PCC Staff

Senior Pastor

Rob Lowe
Office Phone: 860-653-3800

Email: pastor @ pilgrimcovenantchurch.org

 My name is Rob and I am so thankful that you are taking the time to read up on me and this congregation. I am someone who loves church! From as far back as I can remember church has been a place that welcomed me, encouraged me, and helped me to live more fully as I engaged every day. This continues to inspire me!

Pilgrim Covenant has a long heritage of helping people discover, develop, and deploy their gifts for the sake of the world. I am excited to see how God brings this community together to grow our love for God, ourselves, and our community. My heart grows as we see God at work in our world bringing people together through forgiveness, service, and love for the world.


Church Council Members


Pilgrim Covenant Church Council, 2019

Chair- Greg Sikes

Vice Chair- Lisa Gotberg

Secretary- Larry Shank

Treasurer- Richard Bahre

Financial Secretary- Jennifer Janser

Ministry Chairs

Adult Care and Education- Dick Rice

Children's Co-Chairs- Bob and Pat Mocarsky 

Hospitality- Sherrie Hageman

Properties- Peter Newman

Stewardship and Finance- Glenn Gotberg

Worship and Music- Susan Johnson

Missions and Outreach - Greg Johnson

Youth- Jennifer Meier


Linda Gaylord

Lisa Gotberg

Rick Morrow

Paul Fritjofson

Jan Shank