Missions & Outreach Ministry Team

Our mission is to serve and honor Christ in the world. We meet needs that God calls us to outside our church walls: in the local area, within the US, and abroad. The Missions and Outreach committee organizes the projects that God lays before us and provides opportunities for congregants to become involved.

We pray that through our service, people will meet Christ or grow in their relationship with him.


Outdoor Sensory Path

In response to the changing school environment due to the pandemic, Wells Road Intermediate School and Pilgrim Covenant Church collaborated to create an outdoor sensory path at the school. Below is a video of the sensory path that 16 people (of all ages!) gathered to paint over a 70 degree weekend in November 2020! We are so thankful for all of the collaboration and hard work to make this happen for our young students as they navigate life at school during the pandemic and beyond.

Click here to view the video of the Outdoor Sensory Path at Wells Road

Click here to read the Covenant Companion article

Kelly Lane Primary School, after hearing about the path at Wells Road, also requested a sensory path. In September of 2021, PCC partnered with Kelly Lane and the Granby community to complete this addition to the school playground, with the help of 25 volunteers (of all ages!).


Global 6K for Water

The global water crisis affects millions of kids’ and women’s lives in the developing world. People without access to clean water have to walk an average of 6 kilometers (that’s a little over 3.7 miles) every day to get dirty water for all their basic needs—cooking, cleaning, drinking. But by joining a movement of world-changers, we are helping put an end to this! The Global 6K is a simple, effective way to make a difference in the life of one person in need. Every step we take is one they won’t have to.

Covenant World Relief

Covenant World Relief has been the Evangelical Covenant Church’s response to human suffering and injustice in the world for more than 60 years. CWR works through local partners around the world to reduce human suffering for the most vulnerable people and support healthy communities.

One way we support CWR is by purchasing Communion Wafers in partnership with the Hindustani Covenant Church. Covenant World Relief is able to provide communion wafers produced at the Home of Hope in Pune, India. Women who escape the commercial sex industry come to the Home of Hope to receive counseling, rest, and learn new jobs, including making communion wafers. More information can be found on the CWR website.

MERGE Ministries

MERGE provides Covenant churches opportunities to partner with other ministries around the world. MERGE is committed to support churches in developing long-term partnerships with cross-cultural ministries and communities. Their mission is to share and experience God’s love through an ongoing physical, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual exchange, to use the mission team’s unique gifts, talents, and abilities to encourage lives, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, to build the body of Christ, and to glorify God.

PCC's inter-generational mission team of 25 people was planning on partnering with a church in Costa Rica in June 2020, but the trip was canceled due to the pandemic. 

Paul Carlson Partnership

The 50+ year legacy in the Democratic Republic of Congo has changed over the years, but the focus on medical and economic development has remained rooted in partnership. PCP focuses on improving medical care by working alongside medical directors and doctors who oversee the healthcare system in the northwest region of Congo. Economic development remains a crucial area of partnership due to extreme poverty. Focusing on capacity building and sustainability, we contribute to the development of projects, individuals, and organizations committed to long-term growth. We aim work with, not for, people who are making a difference in their own communities. 

KICY Covenant Radio Station

Our annual care package of chocolates, coffees and nuts are collected and sent to Covenant radio station KICY in Nome, Alaska.  KICY broadcasts the Good News of Jesus Christ into Alaska and Russia.  In addition we participate in 100% Sunday by inviting the congregants to donate $1.00 each to support this mission.

Granby, Southwick, and Westfield Food Banks

Pilgrim Covenant Church takes collections for non-perishable food items for the local food banks.  Non-perishable food items can be brought to the church at any time.


Westfield Soup Kitchen

Pilgrim Covenant Church supplies meals to the soup kitchen.  Watch for the sign-up every other month to see what foods are needed and sign-up to bring food.  Cash donations can also be given.  Drop off your meals in the church kitchen by 2:00pm on the Monday the church provides the meal.

Springfield Rescue Mission

Annual "Hope Totes" initiative for the Springfield Rescue Mission saw the collection of many overflowing boxes of toiletries.

Red Cross Blood Drive

The Red Cross Blood Drive is organized and held at Pilgrim Covenant Church at various points during the year.  Many people from the church and wider community come to donate blood.

International Potluck Feast

The International Potluck Feast is typically held annually. This year we were planning to gather on April 25th to hear from Covenant Merge Ministries, but it was canceled due to the pandemic.  In previous years we have heard about ministry life with Covenant missionaries Ron & Janet Ziegelbaur in Cameroon & the Springfield Rescue Mission. We also collect donations for each of these ministries. 

Christina's House

Christina’s House is a Christ-centered ministry developed to meet the needs of women and their children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in the Springfield area. Their mission is to provide transitional housing while encouraging, embracing, and educating these women. 


Crisis Pregnancy "Baby Bottle Fundraiser"

Starting on Mother's Day and ending on Father's Day, baby bottles are given to congregants to fill with change and return to the church.  The money is then delivered to help the unborn and their mothers at the Crisis Center.

Crisis Pregnancy "Baby Clothes Collection"

In December baby clothes are collected for the babies born at the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Operation Christmas Child

Collections are made for Samaritan's Purse International Relief.

New England Seafarers Mission

The New England Seafarers Mission has been serving seafarers in the port of Boston since 1880.  The mission began when a pastor began visiting Swedish ships.  Today, NESM provides outreach to the international work force of women and men who make their living at sea on industrial and cruise ship ocean going vessels. NESM offers physical support by way of communication with their families at home, transport for crew through secure marine terminals for shore leave, a center for cruise ship personnel for money transfer, postage and parcel service and a commissary. The mission also offers advocacy for legal, medical or personal issues.  The mission serves approximately 25,000 people from 159 countries annually.  

NESM is a ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church and is a cooperating ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.  The staff and volunteers at the mission affirm to the seafarers who pass through the ports of New England that they are loved by God and that they have dignity as an in individual created in God’s image. 

You can support by participating in a Cruise Ship Mission Day in the fall where we go to Boston and staff the mission center when a ship is in port, collecting donations to the Ditty Bag Ministry (sewing ditty bags or knitting hats), praying for seafarers who are separated from their families for many months while working in dangerous conditions, and by giving financial donations to the mission.

Additional information can be found on the website: www.neseafarers.org. You can also listen to the story that was broadcast on Radio Boston on July 7, 2020.