Global 6K for Water

Salmon Brook Park, Granby


The global water crisis affects millions of kids’ and women’s lives in the developing world. People without access to clean water have to walk an average of 6 kilometers (that’s a little over 3.7 miles) every day to get dirty water for all their basic needs—cooking, cleaning, drinking. But by joining a movement of world-changers, you can help put an end to this! The Global 6K is a simple, effective way for you to make a difference in the life of one person in need. Every step you take is one they won’t have to.

Your $50 registration fee provides clean water to one person in need when you participate in the Global 6K for Water! ($25 registration fee for kids!)

What difference has the Global 6K made in the past? In 2020, more than 21,000 people like you moved their feet and raised nearly $2 million, changing thousands of lives with the gift of clean water! With clean water, moms have more time to care for their families, kids can stay in school, and the whole community’s health can improve.

Our event takes place on Sunday, May 23rd @ 7:00am. Through a generous partnership with Granby Recreation Services, Pilgrim Covenant Church is able to support this cause by doing our run/walk at Salmon Brook Park on a Sunday morning. (For those who want to attend the 10:30am worship service at PCC, there will be plenty of time for you to head home and shower!)


  • Can't walk or run the 6K? That's ok... you can still support the team at the link below!
  • Can't be here in person on May 23rd? That's ok... you can run or walk the 6K wherever you are in the world anytime that weekend!
  • Want to raise even more money for the 6K? Great... spread the word to your friends and family - once you register, you will get your own fundraising page where they can support you and our team.
  • Do I have to be affiliated with Pilgrim Covenant Church to sign up with the team? NOPE! If you want to run at Salmon Brook Park, sign up!

Click here to register yourself or support the church's team with a donation:


Click here to watch a video from World Vision


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