Collecting food for The Westfield Soup Kitchen


The Westfield Soup Kitchen is now providing bagged take-out meals to its guests.

PCC has been asked to provide 70 such meals on Monday, October 19th.

We are asking for the following donations:

  • 7 people to provide 10 substantial sandwiches (individually wrapped).
  • 7 people to provide 10 pieces of fruit.
  • 7 people to provide 10 dessert servings (individually wrapped).
  • Cash donations to enable us to purchase chips, drinks, and supplies.

Sign up to bring something by clicking here.

** Please note: The Westfield Soup Kitchen is asking us to wear a mask and gloves while we prepare our food items. **

Please drop off your items between 2:30pm and 4pm ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 19th.

Per the management of the Westfield Soup Kitchen, we will NOT be serving the guests at the Soup Kitchen, only delivering the food.

If you have questions please call Rayae Sikes at 860-208-3368.

Location: Drop off at PCC

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