Current Updates

Dear friends and members of Pilgrim Covenant Church,

On March 14th, we moved to all online meetings and gatherings, including Sunday worship, and we are mailing liturgies to those who are not online. Our Sunday messages can be found here:

Please also check out Spiritual Practices as we shelter in place - Rev. Diana Shiflett.

We had our first re-gathering for worship OUTSIDE on July 5th and the next gathering is July 19th @ 9:00am.

The leaders of Pilgrim Covenant Church are asking you to once again let us know that you will be attending worship outside. Many churches are putting together sign-up forms like this one in order to plan well for re-gathering and to share expectations of one another. Please read through the questions and instructions carefully, so that we can gather safely and understand what we expect of one another as we gather together in person. Much is the same as last time, but there are a few adjustments.
Worship ONLINE will continue to be available, and we encourage you to stay home if you need or want to do so. Stay healthy and safe! 
Please try to complete this form by Thursday, July 16th.... If you're not sure, we encourage you to click on the link right now and read through the information so you can make an informed decision about what is best for you and your family. (If you decide on Sunday morning you're going to come, just be sure to read through and fill out the form before you leave the house!)
Link to worship outside bulletin (COMING SOON)
** Please note: Sunday, July 26th will be worship at home ONLY. This will give our church leaders time to evaluate and adjust outdoor worship as needed.