Current Updates

Dear friends and members of Pilgrim Covenant Church,

On March 14th, we moved to all online meetings and gatherings, including Sunday worship, and we are mailing liturgies to those who are not online. Our Sunday messages can be found here:

On July 5th, we began meeting outdoors for Sunday worship with an online AT HOME pre-recorded worship service. Then on September 13th, we gathered for worship OUTSIDE and started live-streaming the service. On October 4th, we began worshiping in our gym (Jackson Hall), spread out with masks, for a shortened service, and we live-stream this service for worship at home. On November 22nd, we began a live zoom call to watch the live-stream together and have a "virtual coffee hour" together.

Beginning Dec. 20th, we are once again worshiping ONLINE only. This time around we are gathering on zoom to watch the pre-recorded service together, and the service will also be available on the YouTube playlist. 

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